The Book Publication Committee looks after the publication of books and the web-site related activities.

  • Selecting books from proposals submitted for publication, or proposing a book on a specific subject to selected author.
  • Editing the selected books for contents, coverage, organization and language etc.
  • Pricing the books at about 30% of normal market price in India, and marketing them through TAI Units and other institutes.
  • Marketing TAI books internationally through appropriate channels, including the use of worldwide web on inter-net.
  • Ensuring that the net proceeds from sales of books are proportionately added to the Book Publication Corpus Fund, and to the annual income of the Central Office of TAI.
  • Ensure reprinting, revision and resale of all books, as needed, based on demand.


  • Continually improving and updating the commercial and the organizational web-sites of TAI: &
  • Employing services of individuals / agencies for developmental/ maintenance/improvement / updating work.
  • Generating income by way of sponsorship initially, and later commercially, from TAI web-site.
  • Marketing both the web-sites through various means to ensure wide usage of both and good income form the commercial web-site.