TAI Books and TABLETS on Spinning, Weaving, Chemical Processing and Mill Engineering are:

K.R.-SalhotraSpinning of Manmade Fibres and Blends on Cotton System

K.R. Salhotra, 3rd Edition, 2004, p.332, Rs. 150; $ 30

This extensively revised version lucidly explains the phenomena underlying the spinning processes of the cotton system. Crucial points that may escape attention owing to the pressure of managing production are identified for control and improvement of quality and productivity. A must buy for technologists and managers of manmade fibre spinning mills, and also for students. 

T.-A.-SubramanianA General Equation for Estimating Yarn Tenacity

T. A. Subramanian, 2006, p. 150, Rs. 100; $20

This research monograph is an excellent example of how good quantitative theory helps mills to reduce costs while achieving the desired tenacity in cotton yarns. Cotton spinning mills with sophisticated fibre testing instruments can save cotton costs up to 4% using this prediction equation.

Neeraj-NijhawanComprehensive Handbook of Spinning Maintenance.

Neeraj Nijhawan, 2006, Set of 3 Parts, p. 820, Rs. 400; $ 80

Part 1: Maintenance Management, p.268, Rs. 200; $ 40

Part 2: Spinning Accessories, p.244, Rs. 100; $ 20

Part 3: General Engineering, p. 368, Rs. 150; $ 30

Every spinning mill on cotton and manmade fibres can assess its level of excellence in maintenance management and most will be able to improve it using Part 1. Parts 2 and 3 not only make available widely scattered use-worthy information, but also give several directives for ensuring that the work practices are right.

J.W.-ParchureFundamentals of Design for Textile and Other End Uses

J.W. Parchure: 2009, Pages 80, * Rs. 495; $ 35

Multi-coloured and hard bound. This book is useful for all interested in printing on cloth, paper and the like: students of technology, home science, and even housewives interested in embroidery.

S.Y.-NanalHigh Speed Spinning of Polyester and its Blends with Viscose

S.Y. Nanal, 2009, Pages 134, * Rs. 450; $ 30

Hard bound. Practical guide to spinning mills for increasing profitability by increasing productivity at ring frames, not just for polyester blends, but also for all staple fibres. A must for every progressive spinning technician and for top managements of spinning mills.

Spinning TABLETS  
Series Editor
A. R. Garde 
Author Price
Blow Room Vivek Plawat Rs. 20 
Carding Deepali Plawat  Rs. 20 
Combing  Piyush H. Shah Rs. 20 
Draw Frame J.M. Grover Rs. 10 
Fly Frame J.G. Mehtani  Rs. 10 
Ring Frames M.C Sood  Rs. 10 
Doubling N. Balasubramanian Rs. 10
Series Editor
T.V. Ananthan /M.C. Paliwal
Author Price
Winding M.C. Paliwal  Rs. 10 
Warping P.D. Kimothi  Rs. 20 
Sizing J.R. Modi  Rs. 20 
Non-Auto Looms M.K. Talukdar  Rs. 10 
Automatic Looms S.P. Vidyarthi Rs. 20
Chemical Processing TABLETS
Series Editor
Dr. P. C. Mehta
Author Price  
Mercerization  J.R. Modi  Rs. 10 
Bleaching of Cotton Fabrics  R.M. Mitta  Rs. 10 
Yarn Package Dyeing  S.V. Gokhale  Rs. 10 
Screen Printing Saifee Surka    Rs. 10 
Quality and Process control H.A. Shah & S.M. Doshi Rs. 20
Textile Engineering TABLETS
Series Editor
P.B. Jhala
Author Price
Fuel and Steam Economy  J.S. Parajia & M.M. Vyas  Rs. 25 
Humidification in Textile Mills  S.P. Patel   Rs. 20 
Improved Engineering Maintenance V.J. Thakker Rs. 25