• UniK1 spinning ring has excellent wear resistant properties
  • Ring offers a low coefficient of friction as against hard chrome coated rings
  • Suitable for spinning several varieties of yarns including compact yarns

42 years old Pune based manufacturer of textile spinning rings and ring travelers, Unitech Texmech Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new spinning ring, the UniK1, which has been developed through a special process of steel treatment using new technology. This treatment provides the UniK1 with excellent wear resistant properties, low coefficient of friction and is also suitable for spinning several varieties of yarns.

Unitech Texmech has used its vast experience of 42 years to study all aspects of steel treatment and their wearability to develop the new spinning ring, due to which, the properties on the steel surface of the ring are much superior to hard chrome coated rings.

The UniK1 is suitable to spin fine and superfine counts, compact yarns, dyed yarns as well as highly abrasive fiber yarns such as acrylic, polypropylene, Kevlar, linen, bamboo, polyester, mélange, Modal, etc. It is also suitable for spinning coarse and high strength denim yarns, core yarns and a new generation of fibers.

The new spinning ring has excellent wear resistant properties since it is a very hard and tough ring as compared to the hard chrome coated ring. The ring also offers a low coefficient of friction as against a hard chrome coated ring, since the heat generated on the ring is lower, a necessity for compact yarn spinning.

The ring undergoes a specialized surface treatment, which imparts upon the ring, high fatigue strength, resulting in consistent performance. The smooth and lubricating flange surface enables the use of normal grade travelers even at very high speeds. Additionally, there is no running in required along with no upper-speed limit.

“We used our extensive knowledge of manufacturing spinning rings to develop and launch the UniK1. We observed a significant shift in the customer requirements where the focus is on higher speeds, performance, productivity and economy of yarn spinning,” Mr Makarand Bapat, Managing Director at Unitech Texmech Pvt. Ltd. said.

“This prompted us to develop the new spinning ring, which when run under actual spinning mill conditions, has shown the UNIK1 to be at par with any imported spinning ring and at the same time is also a truly ‘Made-in-India’ product”, Mr Bapat added.

Unitech Texmech has been exporting its technologies to several countries since 1985, which include Japan, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, South America, etc.

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