Fabric goes through various processes before it takes the shape of an apparel. This section describes the journey of fiber to garment in the form of a book. As you go through each page of this book, you will subsequently know the processes of making fiber, yarn, fabric, and finally the garment, which defines your Fashion Statement.

Today garments are not only for fulfilling the basic need of clothing but also to satisfy our aesthetic senses. Nothing is beyond the human power. He thinks, imagines and creates. Such is the level of his imagination that almost everything has been converted into textile right from the parts of plants to animals and minerals too. As if the natural materials were not enough, he has developed techniques for creating synthetic fibers even from chemicals.Garment manufacturing is not only an activity now, it has become a journey of art.

This journey of fiber to garment starts from selection of fiberswhich are then converted into yarns through spinning and other methods. After that begins the journey from yarn to fabric which involves processes like weaving, knitting, tufting, felting etc. Then comes the finishing processes which prepares the fabric for its beautification through dyeing and printing. All these processes have to be carried out with such precision that textile manufacturing has become a full fledged academic subject with the purpose to produce textile experts.