Indian Apparels Industry

Indian textiles and apparel have a history of fine craftsmanship and global appeal. Cotton, silk and denim from India are highly popular abroad and with the upsurge in Indian design talent, Indian apparel too has found success in the fashion centres of the world.

The Indian textile and apparel industry is one of the largest in the world with an enormous raw material and manufacturing base. The present domestic textile industry is estimated at US$ 33.23 billion and unstitched garments comprise US$ 8.307 billion. The industry is a significant contributor to the economy, both in terms of its domestic share and exports. It accounts for a phenomenal 14 per cent of total industrial production; around 4.78 per cent share in the country’s total exports in 2013-14.

Key Markets and Export Destinations

The main markets for Indian textile and apparel exports are:

  • United States
  • European Union
  • Parts of Asia
  • Middle East

In the near future, India’s apparel exports to developed markets are expected to increase considerably. Apparel exports from India is expected to reach US$ 82 billion by 2021 and total cloth production in India is expected to reach 112 billion square metres by FY17. In 2013-14, India exported apparels worth of US$ 14.93 Bn.

Apparel Export Promotion Council

The Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) is the official body of apparel exporters that provides assistance to Indian exporters, as well as to importers/international buyers choosing India as their preferred sourcing destination for garments.

Source: India Brand Equity Foundation