The Textile Association (India) with the support of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) organized Global Textile Congress at Bangkok on 13th to 15th February, 2015 to develop lasting business relations between countries producing textile fibres, fabrics, machineries and carrying out extensive research in all related areas.

The theme of Congress “Global Textile – Opportunities and Challenges in an Integrated World” was very meticulously selected to garner knowledge and expertise of galaxy of eminent speakers of world fame. This international event was conceived two years ago and tremendous efforts were made to achieve success.

The Textile Association (India) clocked a key milestone in its history with the organization of the first ever Global Textile Conference (GTC) in Bangkok. The 3-day GTC has successfully organized with an overwhelming delegate response from not only from India but also from other Asian nations, including Thailand.


Mr. Arvind Sinha, National President delivering his welcome speech

All the possible detailing was done in a very systematic manner, selection of speakers, papers in ten sessions addressing various issues of Textile Industry. Two panel discussions widely attended and deliberations by almost 30 Research Scholars and Faculty members made the conference big knowledge pool. Various others important issues such as Foreign Exchange, Contract Management, HRD Matters, Supply Chain, Shipping were also discussed by very capable speakers. The Global Textile Congress was attended by more than 600 delegates from 18 countries during which more than 60 papers were presented.

This international conference has addressed important issues related to Textile Industry in Middle East, West Africa, Far East region including China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong including India. Global Textile Congress assumed tremendous distinction for providing a springboard to the textile industry in India to reach out to other nations with recognition.

It was indeed heartening to find that both, the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour, were highly appreciative of this great initiative by the Textile Association (India) and offered their fullest support for the furtherance of the objectives of the Global Textile Congress. They strongly felt and hoped that this International conference would definitely create a positive and congenial global environment which would eventually pave the way for new Global Projects and assignments engaging the technocrats, experts, businessmen, traders and officers from all these 18 countries and would attain high standard of networking between these nations.

Realizing this fact, His Excellency Minister of H.E. Chakramon Phasukavanich, Government of Kingdom of Thailand consented to be the Chief Guest for the inaugural session along with H.E. Harsh Vardhan Sringla, Honorable Ambassador of India to Thailand as Guest of Honour. Also Mrs Mamta Verma, Industries Commissioner, Office of the Industries Commisionerate, Govt. of Gujarat, Mr. Somsak Srisuponvanit, Executive Director, The National Federation of Thailand Textile Industries, Mrs. Mayuree Didpakdeechol, Director of Thailand Institute and Chairman of Thai Man-made Fibre Industry Association, Thailand and other leading dignitaries joined the inaugural function.

On this occasion Arvind Sinha, National President Textile Association (India), R.K. Vij, Conference Chairman Textile Association (India) and D.R. Mehta, President Emeritus, TAI elaborated the theme of the Global Textile Congress and outlined the magnificence of the scope of mutual cooperation between all the participating countries in the field of Textiles.

At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Phasulavanich sought for creation of opportunity for exchange programme between Thailand -India Education institutions’ for higher education in the field of textile and apparel sector, which would lead to mutual benefits for the two nations in the long run.


Chief Guest H.E. Chakramon Phasukavanich, Industry Minister, Government of Kingdom of Thailand Lightening the lamp at the inaugural function


H.E. Harsh Vardhan Sringla, Honorable Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Thailand Lightening the lamp at the inaugural function

The Thailand Industry Minister noted that the textile industry has been recently facing tough time everywhere in the world and it was no doubt that textile industry was the largest industrial sector employing millions of workers across the world.

In terms of textile industry, Mr. Phasulavanich noted that India was a leading textile producer country and it has significantly achieved the entire value chain of textile’s capacity building.

Also India has significantly created high quality of education institutions in various fields particularly in textile. In this regard, most textile institutes all over India have been producing highly skilled manpower to server Indian textile industry and other related industries operated by Indian textile manufacturers’ at all levels.

Mr. Phasulavanich was confident that the GTC would bring lot understanding between Thais and Indian textile industry at all levels including textile education in textile and apparel sector. The GTC will provide an opportunity to gain mutual interest and develop closer relations with Thailand textile industry and further upgrade to Thailand – India Business Partnerships, he emphasized. Thai Ministry seek creation of opportunities in field of textile and apparel education

Chief Guest, Guest of Honor and the dignitaries were felicitated.


Mr. Arvind Sinha, National President felicitating Chief Guest, H.E. Chakramon Phasukavanich


Mr. Arvind Sinha, National President felicitating H.E. Harsh Vardhan Sringla


Mr. D.R. Mehta, President Emeritus felicitating Mr. Somsak Srisuponvanit


Mr. R.K. Vij, Conference Chairman felicitating Ms Mamta Verma

Mrs Mayuree Didpakdeechol

Mr. K.D. Sanghvi, National Vice President felicitating Mrs Mayuree Didpakdeechol


Mr. V.D. Zope, Chairman felicitating Prof. (Dr.) M.D. Teli


Mr. K.D. Sanghvi, National Vice President felicitating Mr. Samir Karkhanis


View of Audience

This would also facilitate in achieving excellence in the area of productivity, manufacturing, marketing, innovations, research and developments in textiles and that the results as well interactions would be beneficial to the participants at large. Dr. M.D. Teli, Paper Committee Chairman, Ms. Mayuree Didpakdeechol, THTI and Prof. Samir Kharkhanis from WeSchool all have contributed tremendously towards the conference.

Global Textile Congress 2015 was an example of great team work and all the members including Mr. K.D. Sanghvi, Mr. V.D. Zope, Dr. N.N. Mahapatra, Mr. T.L. Patel, Mr. Haresh Parekh, Mr. V.N. Patil, Mr. Virendra Jariwala, Mr. M.G. Shah & Mr. J.B. Soma of the team worked for months taking every details including accommodation, food etc. for the delegates, Invitees and speakers.

During the conference, the eminent speakers dealt with the modern trends in the development and production of new fibers, both natural and manmade, different kinds of fabrics and their multifunctional adaptability for extensive usage in other industries too.

TAI also felicitated the members, who have contributed and worked hard to make the Conference a grand success.

Mr. Y.C. Gupta, Business Head, Indorama Industries Ltd., Mr. S.P. Khaitan, President, Indorama Venture, Bangkok, Mr. D.R. Agarwal, President, PT Sudarshan International, Indonesia, Mr. Lalit Kumar, Managing Director, Sunflag (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Mr. Nirmal Maheshwari, President, Indo Thai Synthetics Ltd., Mr. V.K. Agarwal, Director, PT. Embee Plumbon Textile, Thailand, Mr. S.K. Khandelia, President, K.K. Birla Group, Mr. Sanjeev Lathia, Chairman, India ITME Society, India, Mr. Rajiv Gopal, Senior Executive President & CMO, Birla Cellulose, India, Mr. Prithvi Swaroop, M.D., Intextb, Gandhinagar, India, Mr. Badresh, Badresh Trading Co., Mr. T.L. Patel, President, TAI – Ahmedabad Unit, Mr. Rakesh Kalia, and Mr. M.L. Bagaria.


Mr. K.D. Sanghvi, National Vice President proposed vote of thanks

The unlimited possibilities of exchange of new ideas, techniques and fashion trends were emphasized by most of the experts and technocrats during the conference inviting the talent to further enhance the capabilities by positive and sustained interactions in days to come. It was also pointed out in no uncertain terms that innovative methods and procedures are imperative at all levels in textile industry all over the world so as to live up to the expectation of the masses aspiring for finest fabrics and apparels.

Global Textile Congress 2015 Bangkok was a very successful event and Textile Association (India) is considering making it regular event at every year at different locations in the world.


Mr. D.R. Mehta, delivering his speech during the valedictory session

Textile Association (India) especially thanks to all the sponsors without their financial support such a big event was not possible, Textile Association (India) also thanks sponsors from Bangkok such as Aditya Birla Group, Indorama for their constant guidance which was very helpful guiding us towards the successful event

While expressing the gratitude during the valedictory session, Mr. D.R. Mehta briefed about the 3days conference which is successfully organized and also specially thanked Mr. D.B. Bhatt, for his tireless support and co-operation and networking at Bangkok for the GTC. He also appreciated the hard work done by Mr. Vithal Phondke and Mr. Manaji Ghag, TAI Central Office staff and Mr. J.B. Soma. He invited Mr. M.K. Mehra, Dr. Rishi Jamdagni, Mr. Rakesh Kalia and others for their impressions on the GTC.

At the end of the conference Mr. Haresh Parekh proposed a vote of thanks.