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Post Event Report – “VINIRMAH-2K22” Fashion Show- Virtual”

Shri Vaishnav Institute of Textile Technology of Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya organised a Virtual Fashion show “VINIRMAH-2K22” on 2ndApril 2022. Mr. Ashish Sharnagath, Director, Trell Experiences Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, was the Chief Guest of the occasion.

The event started with formal inaugural session on virtual mode. The Director, SVITT Dr. V. R. Sampath informed about the VINIRMAH 2K22 in detail & said that more than 110 students from various Institutes of different states across the country had registered for this event. We finalised the 26 students after the online audition. He also defined fashion not by mere means of clothing but as a representative of culture.

The honourable Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Upinder Dhar said in his remarks that the fashion show involves 3Ds i.e., Design, Development and Display. That is, to create, develop and express it. He also said that this fashion show was conducted continuously and there was no break even in the covid pandemic situation it was conducted through digital mode. He also added further that in this type of event students get an opportunity to display various garment dresses. Wearing clothes is not a fashion show, but it is also necessary to have skill to walk on the ramp.

Chief Guest of the occasion, Mr. Ashish Sharnagath, Director, Trell Experiences Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, addressed the gathering and said this is the platform, which is trying to thrill, because new talent will be created through this platform. Today fashion industry is trying to experiment with new thinking and new generations are attracted by new classy fashion dresses. He said that students can accomplish great goals in this journey of their life, they just have to work hard with confidence in themselves.

At the end of inaugural session Convener, VINIRMAH-2K22, Mr. Tanveer Malik proposed the words of thanks. After that Fashion show had started on virtual mode. Mr. Vikas Singh Solanki from Isha Creation, Indore, Ms. Jigna Shah from Textile Value Chain, Mumbai and Ms. Madhumita Bose Television Actress, Mumbai graced the occasion as Honorable Judges of the event.

At the end of event, the Judges had declared the result and given different tittles with cash prizes of Rs. 2000/- each for the Mister Vinirmah and Miss Vinirmah, and Rs. 1000/- each for the Best walk (Male) and Best walk (Female).

The Names of the Winners are as follows–

Mr. Vinirmah

Mr. Lakshya Jagri

Ms. Vinirmah

Ms. Nishat Shiekh

Best walk (Male)

Mr. Piyush Sharma

Best walk (Female)

Ms. Ziniya Khan

M/S Sundaram Fashions and M/S Maheshwari creations provided the gift vouchers to all the student participants.Around more than 120 attendees virtually joined the event from various industries and institutes.

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