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<strong>Rimi Nayak collaborates with Liva</strong>

Rimi Nayak collaborates with Liva to create an exclusive collection ‘BOTANICS’. This capsule range of resort celebration wear is set to seamlessly integrate fashion and sustainability.

Rimi Nayak India has collaborated with Liva from the house of Birla Cellulose to create an exclusive capsule range of resort celebration wear; ‘BOTANICS.’ The collection is heavily inspired by Mother Nature and its various flora and fauna. The bold floral prints in myriad bright hues are a tribute to the evergreen and effervescent nature. The riot of colours is balanced with contrasting neutral shades to signify the opposites that occur in nature including the change of seasons.

Created with Liva’s natural and sustainable fabrics, the silhouettes range from free-flowing drapes and saris to structured outfits reflecting the same dichotomy that exists in nature. The collection has a lot of bright vibrant colours, big floral prints and a range of separates which can be mixed and matched together, to create looks suiting one’s own personal style.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Sree Charan, Global Head- Brand & Communications, Liva, said, “The core essence of Liva is creating natural fluid fabric which is fashionable and sustainable at the same time. This collaboration is a result of the alignment between Rimi Nayak’s design philosophy and Liva’s commitment to go heavy on style and light on the planet. With our fluid fabrics and her exquisite designs, the collection is not only aesthetically appealing but also environmentally responsible.”

The exclusive collection by Rimi Nayak India and Liva Fabrics will feature classic cuts, signature prints, and unconventional surface techniques that the brand is known for. The collection will be available at Rimi Nayak India stores across the country.

Rimi Nayak, the designer behind the label, expressed her excitement for the collaboration, “Liva’s fluid fabrics are a designer’s dream, and I am thrilled to work with them on this collection. I have always been a fan of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, and Liva’s commitment to sustainability aligns with our brand values. Together, we have created a collection that is both stylish and conscious.”

To check out the collection, click on the link Liva Fabrics | Natural & Viscose Fabrics | Birla Cellulose Fibre – LIVA Fluid Fashion

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