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Transfer of Technology know-how for Salt Free Dyeing Technology


SITRA has successfully established and documented based on extensive Industrial bulk trails the formulation of a Salt-Free Dyeing (SFD) agent named “SITRA-MAK GO GREEN SFD”. SITRA’s joint engagement with MAK India for pilot scale trials in the last few years has helped in standardising the process of manufacture of the cationising chemical in bulk scale.  The single step pre-treatment cum cationisation process methodology is suitable for salt free dyeing of cotton fabrics for a wide range of shades and depths.

SITRA has granted a license to M/s. MAK India Ltd. (MIL), who is pioneers in exploring solutions for pollution, to use this technology for commercial manufacture of the salt-free dyeing chemical. An Enrichment programme, as part of the agreement ensures that SITRA will be working continuously with M/s. MAK India Limited towards quality testing, refinements in product manufacture and product improvement.

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