Textile Machineries in India

The history of fabric production in India is as old as the Indian civilisation itself. Textile machinery manufacture falls to a much later age – the age of industrialisation. Initially India’s Textile Mill Industry depended almost exclusively on imported machines.

The foundation for manufacture of complete textile machinery was laid only in the decade 1940 – 1950 and a few units were set up at the instance of the Government during this period. But the actual progress in manufacturing textile machinery commenced in the subsequent decade.

Thereafter the industry grew rapidly with Government’s active encouragement and statutory protection both in the form of a tariff wall and import ban of items manufactured indigenously. This gave a stimulus to indigenous production of textile machinery as well as components and accessories mainly with technical arrangements with reputed foreign machine builders in Europe, U.K., U.S.A and Japan.

Various types of Textile Machineries include Textile Spinning Machinery, Textile Weaving Machinery, Textile Knitting Machine, Textile Finishing Machinery, Textile Machinery Parts, Textile Machine Accessories, Sewing Machine to more advanced products such as Textile Testing Equipment, Textile Packing Machinery, Textile Processing Machinery, and even Leather And Footwear Machinery.

With the vast market opportunities available both at home and abroad and with the upgradation in technology our country will be able to cash market potentials through its persuasive and unstinted efforts to serve the Textile Industry at large.