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The Textile Association (India)

TAI is the foremost leading and largest Nonprofit making National Professional and Technocrats body in the country having more than 25000 strong memberships of 26 affiliated units at various textile centers in the country. TAI has more than 8 decades of service to the industry to its credit. It has been providing guidance and services of various kinds to the Textile Industry. TAI organizes various National and International Textile Conferences & other activities and also conducts distance textile ATM/GMTA Exams annually.

The Textile Association (India) has been publishing a prestigious bi-monthly peer reviewed technical Journal of the Textile Association since 1940. Journal is devoted to articles and papers of practical interest to technicians of all segments of the textile industry which reaches to around 4600 textile professionals directly and has a readership of more than 23000 readers. Journal of the Textile Association is available online as an e-journal. Journal is being circulated to almost key decision makers in the textile industry across the Textile, Apparel & Fashion sectors, Textile Educational and Research Institutes.

To add value to our activities, the Textile Association (India) has launched the website and has made significant progress and having advertising opportunities along with several informative wings. It is made ‘RESPONSIVE’, compatible with Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops etc. Website has satisfactory visitor traffic and hits from across the Indian textile industry as well as globally. It has attracted almost all the global players in this industry across more than 180 countries.

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To be a leading largest and internationally reputed Association of textile technocrats promoting scientific and technological knowledge and training globally with benchmark performance as well as commitments to professional ethics and social responsibility. To be the leading recognized body for textile distance educational system in India and world over.


To conduct the programmes for textile professionals and technocrats with an aim to achieve their continuous growth and development, this will enhance industrial performance in terms of quality and productivity. To dedicate in spreading the knowledge that can stabilize and improve the textile, clothing technical textile industry by conducting lectures, conferences, seminars, experience sharing activities, holding industrial exhibitions, publishing books, magazines, newsletters, conducting professional examinations and recognizing the achievers. To identify and recognizing the achievers in the textile related sharing their knowledge among the members. To work united to build India as the strongest textile Centre by encouraging the qualified technical and associated staff and workmen to enhance their qualification through professional examinations conducted by the Textile Association.

Our Objetctives

  • The Textile Association (India) has some specific objectives such as:

  • To promote the use of scientific knowledge in textiles, from fibers to garments as well as in technical textiles field.

  • To implement programmers of continued education in textile technology and management.

  • To help members acquire textile qualifications by appearing for the standard examination conducted by TAI.

  • To honor all those who contribute significantly to the growth of Indian textile industry as well as research and education in this sphere.

  • To analyses socio-economic environment for developing strategy recommendations to government agencies.

  • To develop a sense of brotherhood amongst the fellow textile professionals.



The Textile Association (India) provides for professional growth of technologists managers, traders, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers and consultants on the Indian textile scene. It caters to the needs of all fibers, products and all sectors of the Indian industry. TAI organizes Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Refresher Courses and Exhibitions of textiles and allied machines for the benefits of the members serving the textile industry. These activities are held throughout the country with the help of all 26 federal Units, which are autonomous in the activities.

Major Activities

  • TAI and its federal Units Organize lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences to disseminate useful information on topics of current interest to the members in different segments of the textile industry.

  • It publishes journal of the Textile Association (JTA) devoted to creating awareness about the new work in applied industrial research or latest technological developments in all areas of textiles and management of textile industry.

  • It also publishes low cost small booklets and books of practical value for the benefit of the practicing professionals, technologists and managers in the Indian Textile Industry.

  • It awards of Fellowship (FTA) and Associateship (ATA) to recognize the capability and the contribution of members and also awards Graduate Membership (GMTA) certificate.

  • TAI recognizes the achievements and the contribution of an individual to the growth & development of the Textile Industry through the award of Fellowship (FTA) by application to suitable candidates approved by the appointed committee of the Association.

  • TAI honours National level reorganization of just two individuals each year by awarding one Honorary Membership to the eminent individual for his/her contribution towards the growth of textile industry and one Honorary Fellowship to the eminent scientist & researchers for significant contribution in the academic field.

  • TAI confers the Industry Excellence Award to industry leader who has contributed to the growth & development of the Textile Industry.

  • TAI awards National level Service Gold Medal to an individual member of Office Bearers in recognition of their services rendered. It also awards service mementos to two individual members in recognition of their services to the Association at Unit level.

  • TAI awards the author of the best textile book written during the year.

  • TAI makes recommendation of policy alternatives to the Government of India and to the Industry at appropriate times.

  • It also organizes socio-cultural activities as local level events in each Unit of the association.

  • TAI conducts the examinations to grant Diplomas and Certificates of competency to the persons working in the Textile Industry by examination or by application.


Memorable Events

The Textile Association (India) has organized many events by the various Units affiliated to the Association. Some of the vast important memorable events are:

  • Till date TAI organized 70 All India Textile Conferences (AITCs) and some of them are with Exhibitions at International level. All Conferences organized by TAI have always selected contemporary & innovative topics with high profile speakers. Eminent industrialists, policy makers, reputed professionals and renowned experts from different parts of the world are presenting their papers in such conferences.

  • TAI organized World Textile Congress (WTC) in 2011, which was the best gathering ever witnessed in the Indian textile industry. Apart from familiar faces, the WTC 2011 had academicians, technocrats, leading marketing and export managers and industrialists attending the 2-day conference, which hitherto has not been the case at any of the textile conferences. Most of Conferences have been inaugurated by the most eminent and dynamic personalities of India like Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers of the States, Governors, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and Vice Cancellers etc.

  • On the International front, The Textile Association (India) has been the founder member of the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Association (FAPTA). National President of The Textile Association (India) is one of the members in International Advisory Committee of FAPTA. Association has organized 1st International Asian Textile Conference (ATC) in 1991 and then 7th International Asian Textile conference (ATC) in 2003 in New Delhi.

  • TAI is also the co-sponsor of India ITME Society and National President is one of the Vice Chairman on their steering committee.


The Textile Association (India) celebrated their various Milestones.

  • Silver Jubilee in 1964 (25 years) with 12 Units

  • Diamond Jubilee in 1999 (60 years) with 27 Units

  • Platinum Jubilee in 2014 (75 years) with 26 Units (Kota unit merge with Rajasthan Unit)

  • In 2019 (80 years) with 26 Units at Ahmedabad

  • The Textile Association has entered in to MoU with Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) for the development of textile knowledge among the unskilled industry workers.

  • TAIentered into MoU with Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (ITAMMA) on 05th September, 2014. For recognizing the importance of the textile machinery & accessories manufacturing industries and textile professionals of both the associations shall work with the high potential co-operation between the members of the two associations.

  • TAI and ITAMMA shall play to mobilize industries and ensure co-operation in the fields of joint ventures, trade promotion, technology transfer, training, exchange of information to maximize the outcome of such operation.

  • The Textile Association is involved in making the recommendation of policy alternatives to the Government of India and to the Industry at appropriate times. Government Departments started recognizing our Association and various TAI chapters for the consultation in their policy making process by Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, for forwarding TAI recommendations to the Planning Commission for their formulation of Five Year Plan.



To add the value to our activities and for proper dissemination of knowledge to its member and Indian Textile Industry as a whole, the association has launched web site and it is fully functional. This Website is to enhance their potential for spread of textile knowledge and to promote and protect trade & business and trading activities in textile industry.

The website is organizational web site for providing information about association activity and further details which members may seek from the association. Also providing knowledge based problem solution techniques to the members and also acts as hub for textile related information.
Website also provides an advertising avenue in the form of Banners to the interested industrialists and advertisers. Also it has introduced Marketplace for Company Listing. Website is becoming vibrant and having satisfactory visitors traffic from more than 113 countries. 
Website is also having approach with the Social Media and also TAI events photos and videos are appeared.

Journal Of The Textile Association (JTA)

Journal of the Textile Association (JTA) – (ISSN 0368-4636) is a prestigious bimonthly peer reviewed journal, registered with Registration of Newspapers of India under RNI No. 11386/57 (formerly as Textile Digest). Presently this journal reaches around 5000 textile professionals directly and has a readership of more than 20,000. JTA is devoted to articles and papers of practical interest to technicians and managers in Fibre Production, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Garment and Chemical Processing of all types of fibres and also Embroidery, Fashion and Lifestyles. Also to new work in applied industrial research in all areas of textiles, for members and subscribers over last 7 decades.

JTA is in digital version on website as e-journal (e-ISSN 2347-2537). Although this publication has gone through a number of evolution, the form and the content in which it is presently being published indicates its wide acceptance.
JTA is abstracted by Chemical Abstracts (USA), World Textile Abstracts (U.K.), Texincon and also covered in Indian Science Abstract (ISA), which indicating its international repute.

Journal of the Textile Association is an effective tool for strengthening the company’s business in India and abroad through advertisements. Corporate news, new product & technology write-ups are also invited to enable to publish in the journal.

Professional Award Committee (PAC)

The Textile Association (India) is also research & educational organization, conducting the distance education program ATA & GMTA by examinations to grant Certificates and Diplomas of competency to the persons working in the Textile Industry and also awarding Graduate Members of Textile Association (GMTA) through their Dissertation, which include scientific outlook among working textile professionals.

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