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FAPTA stands for the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Association which was established in 1991, which composed of representatives of 7 professional textile associations in Asia, including University of New South Wales (Australia), The Chinese Institute of Textile Engineers (Chinese Taipei), Hong Kong.

The Korean Fibre Society initiated the idea of having apex body of Textile Association of various Asian Countries. The Korean Society of Textile Engineers & Chemists celebrated its Silver Jubilee in February 1989. Many Professional Organizations from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and India participated. During the proposal it was discussed and Adhoc Committee was formed. The Memorandum of Association (MoA) was signed on 15th February 1989 at Seoul, Korea during the Silver Jubilee Conference of the Korean Society of Textile Engineers & Chemical. The Textile Association (India) was requested to frame the constitution of FAPTA and also to host 1st Asian Textile Conference in India in 1991, which the first formal inaugural of FAPTA to take place in India in 1991.

MoA was drafted and signed by a group of 9 individuals from five Asian Countries, who were delegates at the Conference from their Associations. The group consists of Dr. S.K. Song, Dr. S.Y. Kim & Dr. Soukil Mah from South Korea, Dr. C.H. Lin & Dr. S.C. Yao from Taiwan, Maj. R.P. Poddar & Dr. N.M. Swami from India, Dr. Masao Takahashi from Japan and Dr. K.W. Yeung from Hong Kong. The objective of MoA was to enroll Textile Professional Organizations existing in Asian Countries as the members of the Federation and to arrange necessary activities jointly. These 9 individual members, who discussed and drafted the MoA were its signatory, originator of the entire proposal and the main founders of the federation of Asian Professional Textile Association. Besides these 9 founder members, there are no others founder members of FAPTA.

First 9 founder individuals from five Asian Countries founder members were felicitated through award of F.T.A (Fellowship of the Textile Association) by The Textile Association (India) at inaugural function of the 1st Asian Textile Conference held on 17th January 1991.

Mr. M.K. Mehra and Mr. P.S. Jain were felicitated by Chinese Institute of Textile Engineers, Taiwan through Award of Fellowship of their Institute at the 4th Asian Textile Conference held at Taiwan during June 24-26, 1997.

FAPTA stands for the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Association which was established in 1991, which composed of representatives of 7 Professional Textile Associations in Asia, including University of New South Wales (Australia), The Chinese Institute of Textile Engineers (Chinese Taipei),  Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong), The Textile Association (India), Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran), The Korean Fibre Society (Korea) and The Society of Fibre Science and Technology (Japan). Thereafter, since 2009 China joined. Now there are 8 countries in the Association.

ATC (The Asian Textile Conference) is its sole official event and is held every two years, hosted by one of 7 professional associations in Asia in turn and functions as a pivot to promote collaboration among fibre and textile scientists and engineers. The initial purpose of the series of ATC was to provide a common platform to the textile scientists, engineers and administrators for discussing various subjects relating to latest achievement on textile science and engineering and to built up a global network between Asian Textile Scientists and Engineers for the mutual benefits in the Pacific Rim region. Over recent years, however, the situation of textile industry in the world, especially in Asian countries/territories, has changed considerably. The higher-level exchange of information, ideas and recent advances as well as the worldwide cooperation are needed for the healthy development of the textile industry.

These an official event of the FAPTA, were the successful conferences which were held in India (1991), Seoul (1993), Hong Kong (1995), Taipei (1997), Kyoto (1999), Seoul (2001), New Delhi (2003), Tehran (2005), Taiwan (2007), Japan (2009). Korea (2011), China (2013 and the next ATC-13 will be held in 2015 at Australia.

The Textile Association (India) has been the founder members of the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Association (FAPTA). On behalf of India, National President of The Textile Association (India) is being nominated as member of their International Advisory Committee (ITC).

1st Asian Textile Conference on the theme “Opportunities, Trends and Developments in Textile Industries of Asian region in 2000”, was organized from 17th to 19th January 1991 at New Delhi hosted by TAI, Delhi Unit on behalf of TAI Central body. Conference was inaugurated by then the Prime Minister of India Hon’ble Shri Chandra Shekhar. This was such an important event in the history of India Textile Industry that the Conference was sponsored by the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India which was the first time Govt. of India sponsored the conference in Textiles.

As per the provisions in the constitution of FAPTA, being President of the host unit, Mr. M. K. Mehra was the President and Mr. P. S. Jain as Chairman of the Conference Committee for 1st ATC organized by TAI Delhi unit at New Delhi in 1991.

Thereafter, 7th Asian Textile Conference (ATC) was organized on 1-3rd December 2003 at Habitat World, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi hosted by TAI Delhi Unit. This Conference was inaugurated by Chief Guest Hon’ble Shri Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, Textile Minister, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Shri N.K. Singh, Member Planning commission, GoI and Shri S.B. Mohapatra, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, GoI were the Guest of Honour for the function.

Mr. R.C. Kesar was the President and Mr. Ashok Juneja as Chairman of the Conference Committee for 7th ATC.

The last 11th Asian Textile Conference was organized in Daegu, Korea during 1-4th November, 2011. Mr. Ashok Juneja, Vice President, TAI and Mr. V.A. Trivedi, Hon. Secretary, TAI Ahmedabad Unit were attended this Conference.

ATC-11 was provided 5 plenary lectures, 50 invited lectures, 144 oral presentations and 400 poster presentations from 24 nations. 15 oral presentations were from IIT Delhi, Baroda & South India which is among the 50 delegates participated from India. ATC-11 event supported by KFTI (Korean Federation of Textile Industry), KFSTS (Korean Federation of Science and Technology Scientists), GECE (Global Education Center for Engineers) and technical contribution by FITI Testing & Research Institute, KTITI (Korean Textile Inspection & Testing Institute) etc.

In short all related Textile Educational & Research Institutes were present there. Mr. Vijay A. Trivedi, Hon. Secretary, TAI-Ahmedabad Unit and Mr. Ashok Juneja, then Vice President, TAI were present during FAPTA Board Meeting and other functions.


Prof. Xungai Wang
Deakin University, Director of Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation,
Institute for Technology Research and Innovation,
Geelong Victoria 3217 Australia
E-mail :


Mr. Bi Guodian
Executive Vise Chairman of China
Textile Engineering Society 6F,
Main Building No. 3, Yanjingle Middle Street Chaoyang District, beijing 100025, China

Chinese Taipei

Prof. S. C. Yao
National Taipei University of Technology
No.1, Sec.3, Chung-hsiao E. Rd,
Taipei, 10608, Taiwan, R. O. C.

Hong Kong

Prof. Yeung Kwok Wing
Chairman of Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel Institute of Textile and Apparel,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Hong Kong


Prof. Saeed Shaikhzadeh
Najar Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)
Dept. of Textile Engineering 424 Hafez Ave., Tehran, IRAN,
P.O.Box: 15875-4413


Mr. Ashok Juneja, President
The Textile Association (India)
D-302, Om Satyam Apartment.
Plot No – 13, Sector – 4.
Dwarka New Delhi – 110 078
M: 9769050661 / 09891593332


Prof. Haruma Kawaguchi
President of The Society of Fiber Science and Technology,
Japan 3-3-9-208 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa,
Tokyo 141-0021


Prof. Haruma Kawaguchi
President of The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan
3-3-9-208 Kami-Osaki,
Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-0021


Prof. Chang Wang Joo
President of The Korea Fiber Society (KFS)
Departmet of Advanced Organic Materials and Textile Systems
220 Gung-Dong, Yusung-Gu, Daejeon, 305-764, Korea

Following are the representatives for FAPTA


For every conference there is an International Advisory Committee. Following were the IAC for ATC– 11.


Prof. M. H. Kish – Chairman FATPA
Prof. R. Postle – Australia
Prof. S.C. Yao – Chinese Taipei
Prof. K.W. Yeung – Hong Kong
Mr. D.R. Mehta – India
Dr. S.S. Najar – Iran
Prof. K. Kajiwara – Japan
Prof. J.S. Park – Korea
Prof. Jae R. Youm – China

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