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Course/Examination details and Regulations for GMTA (by Examination)

Graduate Member of the Textile Association (GMTA)’ is the up-gradation of ATA course. It has been designed on the basis of more of industry oriented curriculum spread in five sections. This is comparable to the Four Year Degree courses offered by the any textile degree Institutes. The eligible candidates who prepare for the First Section (GMTA Section A) Examination are expected to have thorough knowledge of i) Basic and general engineering sciences and ii) Professional Orientation. For the Second Section (GMTA Section B) Examination the candidates are expected to be familiar with the basic theoretical and practical aspects of the main textile processes like Yarn Manufacture, Fabric Manufacture, Textile Wet processing, Apparel Manufacture and Textile Testing. The Third Section (GMTA Section C) consists of five subjects, Textile Fibre science, Polymer Technology, Textile Engineering Mechanics, Applied Statistics and Data Management & Information System. The fourth Section (GMTA Section D), consists of relevant subjects from ANY ONE of the four Optional Groups, Yarn Manufacture, Fabric Manufacture, Textile Wet Processing and Apparel Manufacture. Each of the Optional groups consists of five compulsory subjects and ANY ONE of three optional subjects. In addition, the candidates for the Section D Examination should submit the topic for the Dissertation to be completed in Section E. The fifth Section (GMTA Section E) consists of two compulsory subjects and ANY ONE of three optional subjects. The dissertation on the topic selected at the time of registering for Section D should be submitted two months before the date of commencement of the Section E examination.

Eligibility and Registration

1. The applicant for GMTA Part-A examination must have been registered as a Life member of the Textile Association (India).
2. Admission to GMTA course can be from three streams, ATA, Diploma and B.Sc. The criterion for the different streams is given below.
3. For ATA Stream: Passing of ATA examination with Xth Standard (SSC) or XIIth Standard (HSC) examination.
4. For Diploma Stream: Passing of Diploma Examination in Textile Technology/ Man Made Textiles/ Textile Engineering/Textile Chemistry and other Textile courses recognized by the Board of Technical Education of any state of India, and approved by the Textile Association (India).
5. For B Sc Stream: Passing B Sc with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Statistics, Home Science (Textile & Clothing or Fashion Designing) and approved by the Textile Association (India)

Registration for the course is an admission process. For each of GMTA part A, B, C, D & E course, the candidate must initially get admission by paying the registration fees. Unless the candidate registers for the course he is not eligible to enroll for the examination. Application for registration is to be done during January to March for the examination to be held in next December. After the course registration, if the candidate feels that he is not prepared well due to some problem, he may not enroll for the examination. No new course registration is required in this case or even if he fails in some subjects. He only has to reappear by enrolling for the respective subject examination as a repeater.

Examination Details
The GMTA examinations are generally held in the last fortnight of December every year. The exact dates of the examinations are announced in the Journal of the Textile Association (JTA) and through circulars issued by the Units, at least three months prior to the commencement of the examinations. Application forms for the examination are required to be sent about three months in advance (in August/September).
The application forms for Section A examination should be enclosed with a copy of (1) Certificate of passing and Mark Sheets of SSC/HSC and all the years of ATA/Diploma in Textiles/B Sc as the case maybe (2) Certificates from the employer in textile field. Results of the examinations are generally declared in the month of March, of the next year.

Scheme of GMTA Examination
Section A
GMTA - 1.1.webp
Section B
GMTA - 1.2.webp
Section C
GMTA - 1.3.webp


Section D
Yarn Manufacture
GMTA - 1.4.webp
Fabric Manufacture
GMTA - 1.5.webp
Wet Processing
GMTA - 1.6.webp
Apparel Production
GMTA - 1.7.webp
Section E (common to all the specializations)
GMTA - 1.8.webp


Regulation 1:-Only a registered member of the Textile Association (India) is permitted to apply for the examination. A member shall apply to the Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Central Office of the Textile Association (India), through the unit to which the member is attached or through a nearby unit. Application should not be sent directly to the Central Office. The duly filled in forms should be complete in all respects and should be accompanied by;

all necessary documents supporting the information given by the applicant, (ii) the examination fees indicated in the Schedule of Fees and (iii) the relevant check-list completed by the competent authority of the Unit sending the application.

2.1:- The applicant for ATA GMTA Section A examination must have been registered as a Life member of the Textile Association (India).
2.2:- Candidates who have passed ATA or Diploma after XIIth standard or its equivalent examination can claim exemption in Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Mathematics at the GMTA Section A examination.
2.3:- Candidates who have passed B.Sc. can claim exemption in the relevant principal and the subsidiary subjects they have opted for at B.Sc.
2.4:- Only after passing all the papers of sections A, B, C & D, the Candidates can appear of section E.


• Registration fees in all cases are non-refundable
• The applicant has to pay the total amount indicated in the Schedule of Fees along with the appropriate application Form/s to the Unit. The Unit Secretary will forward the same to the Central Office after scrutiny for the needful action and attaching the appropriate Check- List where required. If the application is not approved by the PAC/G.C, the fees will be refunded.
• Verification of Marks: If a candidate wishes that the marks obtained by him in any paper should be verified, he should apply within one month from the date of issue of intimation of marks with a fee as mentioned in the Schedule of Fees. There is no provision for reassessment of the answer books but only a verification of totaling of the marks will be carried out. If a mistake is found in totaling the marks as a result of verification, the fee will be refunded. The decision of the Professional Awards Committee will be final in all cases.
Regulation 3:- The applicant must be at least 18 years of age for being eligible to appear at the Section A Examination. The applicant must be at least 23 years of age at the time of receiving the award of GMTA. However any candidate may be permitted to appear for GMTA Section A to Section E examination before reaching the age of 23 years, but will not be given the Degree till he completes 23 years. In considering Regulations 2 and 3 the PAC may relax the conditions in view of the long experience and/or technical qualification or education of higher than HSC level.
Regulation 4:-Members satisfying the necessary conditions mentioned above may apply for GMTA Section A Examination on form GA, to the Hon. Gen. Secretary, through the Hon. Secretary of the Unit before the stipulated date for receiving the applications, which is announced through the circular issued by the Unit and through the Journal of the Textile Association (JTA).
Regulation 5:-The scheme of GMTA Examination is given above. The papers are of three hours duration each.
Regulation 6: In all the sections, a candidate who fails in any of the subjects has to clear the subjects he has failed in the subsequent examination. Otherwise the results of the higher examination will not be declared. He can claim exemption in the subjects in which he has passed. The candidates reappearing for any examination will not automatically get exemption in the subjects they have passed if they do not claim for it while sending their application for the repeat examination. In such cases the candidate must fill-in the relevant forms concurrently.
Regulation 7:-If the candidates, who have fully passed the GMTA examination with one Optional Group, wish to appear for the Examination with another Optional Group, they may do so by taking the Section E examination of the desired group and paying the full examination fees.
Regulation 8:-Grace Marks: The examiners for the examinations each of the sections may give Grace Marks of up to a maximum of 5% to pass the candidate in a subject. If a candidate scores 35 marks, the examiners can give, at their discretion, five marks to pass the candidate. However if the candidate scores 34 marks or less, no Grace Marks be given by the examiner. In addition, the PAC can grant a maximum grace of 15 marks, at the rate of one marks for every one percent in excess of 40% in the aggregate, to be distributed over not more than two subjects. For example, if the aggregate mark of a candidate is 50%, a grace of 10 marks may be added to pass that candidate in one or two subjects in which the candidate has failed. If the candidate fails in more than two subjects, no grace marks be given in any of the subjects.
However under extra-ordinary circumstances, the PAC may take appropriate decision regarding the Grace Marks, passing a Special Resolution.
Regulation 9:-Refund of Examination Fees on Medical grounds: If a candidate is unable to take the whole examination because of sickness, he should submit a certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner on the first day of the examination to the Officer-In-Charge of the Examination centre. The genuineness of the certificate should be vouched by the Hon. Secretary of the Unit where such examination is conducted. Application of such candidates should be sent within one week after the completion of the examination to the Hon. Gen. Secretary. Such applications for refund of examination fees will be placed in the PAC meeting for its consideration. If application is approved, the applicant will be refunded only 50% of the normal examination fees. The registration fees will not be refunded.
Regulation 10:-The GMTA Award and the Degree Certificate of GMTA will be given only after the candidate fulfills the following conditions.
• He has passed the ATA Section E.
• He should have completed 23 years of age.
• He has a professional experience of three years.
• He has filled in the relevant Form with Registration Fees as Scheduled.
• The application in Form is endorsed by the Secretary of the Unit.
(If the candidate has no professional experience of three years, a provisional Mark-sheet will only be given and Certificate will be issued only on producing the evidence that he has worked for three years in textile industry in a supervisory capacity or has a professional experience of three years).

Schedule of Fees
GMTA - 2.1.webp

Note: Re-totalling of Answer Books:
(i) Section A & B – Rs. 800/-
(ii) Section C & D – Rs. 850/-
(iii) Section E – Rs. 900/-

• No Revaluation of Answer Books.
• Medium of Instruction and Examination is in English only.
• The decision of the PAC will be final in all the cases.

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