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60th Joint Technological Conference

11th & 12th November, 2022, SITRA Coimbatore

SITRA, a premier Textile Research Association with the technical expertise in both conventional textile technologies as well as in emerging areas of Technical textiles, will be conducting the 60th Joint Technological Conference, a joint endeavour of the four TRAs in India – SITRA, NITRA, ATIRA and BTRA. The JTC, with a wide participation of the industry, is an ideal platform for researchers to disseminate to the industry research works being carried out by them. The conference will be held on November 11, 2022 at SITRA, Coimbatore.

The following 15 papers would be presented during the Conference

  1. Development of triangular carbon fiber-based core material for sandwich structural panel

  2. Servo Control Based TFO Twister for Heavy Denier Industrial Thread

  3. Eco-friendly Natural Dyeing of Cotton and Silk using Rare Earths Metal Salts as Mordant’s

  4. Plasma surface modification of polypropylene for improved dyeing performance and optimization using response surface methodology (RSM)

  5. Electron beam irradiation for textile wastewater treatment

  6. Air Cleaner Home Textiles Capturing Carbon Dioxide and other Pollutants from Indoor Air

  7. A New Approach to Develop a Faded Denim Fabric to Conserve Water

  8. Extraction of Cellulosic Fibre from Indian Bamboo using Environment Friendly Process

  9. Nepping Potential of Present Indian Cottons

  10. Novel approach to evaluate Nep removal in cards : A Case Study

  11. How to improve yarn realization in a spinning mill? : A Case Study

  12. Synthesis of a novel cationising agent and its application for salt free dyeing of textile materials

  13. Development of breathable, reusable and oxo biodegradable PPEs using biocidal polyester

  14. BioDevelopment of surface-active E-spin nanofibrous scaffolds for hard to heal wounds

  15. Manpower retention strategies for Spinning Mills

  16. Strategies for minimising power cost in spinning mills

  17. Development of light-weight indigenous fire-fighter suit

An exhibition under the theme “Circularity and Sustainability in Textile Manufacture” will be held alongside the JTC during the two days. Around 50 exhibitors involved in unconventional textiles, alternate textile solutions, recycling and reusing of textile materials, sustainable and green solutions are expected to take part in the said exhibition.

Exhibitors interested in participating in the exhibition may log on to SITRA’s website :

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