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Homage to Shri D. R. Mehta

It is extremely sorry to inform you that highly respectable Shri D. R. Mehta ji suddenly passed away due to heart attack on Saturday, 30-07-2022 at about 8.15 P.M. at the age of 78 years. 

Shri D. R. Mehta was graduated from The Technological Institute of Textiles and Sciences (TITS), Bhiwani in Textile Technology in 1966. He was also Fellow of the Textile Institute (Manchester).

After graduation he initially worked in the Private Textile Mills in India and in Malaysia Mills. He worked in the capacity of Production Manager, General Manager in the Composite Processing Mills and National Textile Corporation (NTC). He was selected for Director Technical and after CMD for NTC Maharashtra (North). He also worked with Hacoba Embroidery and Eurotex Industries in the Spinning Division.

Mr. Mehta was closely associated with The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit and Centre Office. He was President and Trustee of TAI-Mumbai Unit & then President and Trustee for TAI Central. He was a TAI Central President during 2009-11, 2011-13 & 2013-14 and then was President Emeritus for the period 2014-15 & 2015-17.

He desired and initiated to organize the first time World Textile Conference. This idea opened with then Mr. Arvind Sinha and it was organized successfully. Thereafter, he organized several mega conferences with grand success such as Global Textile Congress 2015, Second World Textile Conference (WTC2), South Asia Textile Summit, Global Innovators and Researchers Conclave (2018) etc. under the Presidential term of Mr. Sinha. His strong follow-up for completion of any task was tremendous. Now he was very eager to hold the World Textile Conference-3 at Ahmedabad.

He was a recipient of the Service Gold Medal in 2000. He was full of energy and enthusiasm to work for betterment of the Textile industry and especially for TAI. TAI lost a gem of a person, which cannot be forgotten.

On behalf of the entire TAI family, we offer sincere condolences & pray to give enough potential to his near & dear and family members. We pray to the Almighty to provide energy to bear the loss and pray let his noble soul rest in peace.   

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