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KM.ON Acquire competencies and expand offerings

KM.ON acquires cloud technology from the company Digitale Strickmanufaktur as part of an asset deal.

KM.ON innovates and digitalizes the textile value chain with its offerings. The software company of the KARL MAYER Group is continuously developing new digital solutions to improve the customer experience, reduce complexity in our customers’ day-to-day business and ultimately make their business more profitable.

With the newly acquired cloud solutions, flat knitting machines from STOLL can be networked with the cloud. Customers can thus take advantage of further digital offerings, for example to transfer their individualized products directly to the machine and produce them without any administrative effort. This eliminates the need to manually individualize the knitting file.

The cloud solution developed can also play a role in industrial-style on-demand manufacturing in the future. More and more products are being ordered directly via online stores, e.g. from major brands or sporting goods manufacturers. With cloud technology, the order can be routed directly to connected production facilities and the goods manufactured and shipped to the customer without detours. This saves on warehousing costs and reduces cost-intensive markdowns. In addition, there are fewer climate-damaging emissions because the product can be transported directly from the producer to the buyer. The latest acquisition enables KM.ON to make the most of opportunities arising from future scenarios such as these.

“By acquiring the cloud solution of Digitale Strickmanufaktur, we are ensuring that we are prepared for significant future topics such as on-demand manufacturing, mass customization and automated regional production,” says Max Kürig, CEO of KM.ON.

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