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Post Event Report of Half Day Seminar “INNOVATIONS @ ITMA MILAN 2023”

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit Jointly with Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) organized Half Day Seminar on “INNOVATIONS @ ITMA MILAN 2023” on 7th July 2023, Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Sabhagruh, V.J.T.I., Mumbai. The seminar was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Ketan B. Sanghvi, Hon. Treasurer, India ITME Society. Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, President, TAI, Mumbai Unit in his welcome address welcomed the Chief Guest and the Speakers. He also welcomed the Press, Media and Delegates. He gave the brief about ITMA and different activities undertaken by The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit for the benefit of textile community.

He mentioned that ITMA 2023, the Olympics of latest developments in textile machinery and accessories, was a resounding success. The focus on advanced materials, AI, digitalization and automation, coupled with the focus on sustainability augured well for the industry. Arevelation was the fifth largest presence of 181 exhibitors from India, out of a total of 1,709 exhibitors, and occupying 6% of total space, most of them MSMEs, led by a fearless breed of new generation entrepreneurs who believe in themselves and the India story.

Mr. Haresh B. Parekh, Convenor of the seminar while addressing said that ITMA is the biggest market place and one-stop sourcing platform for emerging trends and innovation solutions. The TAI, Mumbai Unit & VJTI thought it prudent to highlight on the innovative product displayed at the show for those who missed ITMA show and could not attend it. Dignitaries who attended ITMA 2023 held in Milan, Italy, had been invited to give the firsthand information about the latest developments in international market.

TAI Mumbai Unit had made all attempts to give the glimpse of ITMA Exhibition to the delegates. Mr. Parekh also showed the ITMA Impressions video of Mr. G. V. Aras, Trustee of TAI, Mumbai Unit and Strategic Advisor who visited the ITMA2023 show.

Dr. Arvind L. Bhongade, Head, Dept. of Textile Engineering, V.J.T.I. briefed about various activities of V.J.T.I. In his address he said that the name of the department is changed from Textile Manufactures Department to Department of Textile Engineering with effect from 1st June 2023. He also informed that the, department is likely to change the title of PG Program from M. Tech. (Textile Technology) to M. Tech. (Technical Textiles) to participate in the National Technical Textile Mission Program, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Institute is in process of revision of its undergraduate courses in compliance of NEP 2020 and its implementation from the coming academic semester. He appealed to all the Alumni, industry personals to share their ideas and views to design the academic curriculum for the Undergraduate students from the department in line with NEP2020.

Mr. Ketan B. Sanghvi, Hon. Treasurer, India ITME Society while giving his inaugural address as a chief guest congratulated the TAI-Mumbai Unit and V.J.T.I., Department of Textile Engineering for organizing such unique event after ITMA-2023. He said that theme of ITMA2023 was “Transforming the world of textiles”. He also displayed the statistics of country – wise and segment wise participation. He said that the industry was going through a difficult phase with drop in order positions and a pessimistic short term outlook which was having a dampening effect on the machinery manufacturing industry. Digitalisation, automation, sustainability, circularity, artificial intelligence were the terms increasingly being heard from the global leaders and from the user industry. The Spinning industry was increasing its focus on processing recycled & regenerated fibres, increasing use of AI and smart processing. Mr. Sanghvi also gave information about India ITME Society’s promotional activities.

Mr. N. D. Mhatre, Director General (Tech.), Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers Association (ITAMMA) in his presentation briefed about the key trends observed during ITMA 23 along with the statistical data. He talked about Sustainability, Digitalization, Circularity, Smart factory, Industry 4.0 / 5.0, He stated that Transformation starts with Innovation’ – “Start-up Valley”, Transforming the World of Textiles through Sustainable Innovations & Digital Advancements”, Human-Machine collaboration developed to establish a symbiotic relationship and Social & environmental Sustainability was in focus at ITMA to reduce waste, energy consumption & environment impact while ensuring fair & ethical treatment of workers. He also gave the details about the various machines displayed at the show with their strength and capacity.

Mr. Navin P. Agrawal, Vice President, Textile Engg. – Fabric Forming, A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. discussed about the advanced materials, automation and digital future, innovative technologies, and Sustainability and circularity. He also discussed about the Impact of Digitalisation and Automation on Sustainability, Textile Chemicals and a Circular World, Textile Recycling for a Circular Economy and transition towards a Circular Textile Industry. He covered the developments in weaving & knit segment with details information about the various machines of SMIT, Picanol, ITEMA, Tsudakoma, Toyota, Staubli, Groz-Beckert, Karl Mayer, Mayer & CIE, Santoni, Pailung, etc.

Dr. Ashok Athalye, Professor – Textile Chemistry, ICT, Mumbai in his presentation highlighted the key points of Take Away from ITMA 2023. He talked on Farm to Fashion – Value Chain. He showed the complexity in textile processing and said that the developments on display at ITMA would help in reduction in Cycle time and reduction in consumption of water, energy, dyes, chemicals and thus effluent load. These factors would result increase in profits and decrease in environmental impact. Mr. R. R. Patil, Vice Chairman, TAI, Mumbai Unit proposed the Vote of Thanks. The seminar was very successful and was attended by around 125 participants including students.

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