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Post event Report of Hybrid Lecture

The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit organized the first Hybrid Lecture on “Increasing Manufacturing Capacity Utilization in the Textile Sector through Global Visibility to Indian Manufacturers for Business Growth” on 19th May, 2022 in the Conference Room of TAI, Mumbai Unit Office.

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, President, The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit welcomed the Speaker and participants to the lecture. Mr. Haresh B. Parekh was the Convenor of this first Hybrid Lecture.

The lecture was addressed by Mr. Avinash Bapat, Founder and Concept Creator of Capximize India who have created a global technology platform for manufacturing sector

Lecture focused on creating awareness about the unused manufacturing capacities in textile sector in India. Mr. Bapat said Capximize platform helps MSMEs and SMEs in textile sector to get global visibility and global business opportunity using the platform. 

Presently, many companies are involved in contact manufacturing and manufacturing outsourcing, but they do not have a repository of information where they can access to the data available about capacity available for the same. Capximize platform is providing this curetted data to worldwide companies by digitizing the manufacturing capacity available with Indian manufacturers.

He also added, Capximize with help of sector experts has deeped dived into all the five sectors they are covering, leading to creating a user friendly UI/UX for both capacity providers and seeker. Capximize today is into five sectors. Apart from Textile, we are covering the sectors like Auto Components, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and Specialties Chemicals. He added, “Capximize is on the mission of making Indian manufacturing sector globally competitive”. We are offering free registration to all the members of The Textile Association of India.

Mr. A. V. Mantri, Hon. Secretary, The Textile Association (India), Mumbai Unit proposed the Vote of Thanks. Mr. Rajiv Ranjan presented the floral bouquet and Mr. V. C. Gupte presented the Memento to the Speaker Mr. Avinash Bapat. 

Presentation by Mr. Bapat was an excellent guidelines and wonderful hybrid session. Capacity utilisation is a contemporary issue faced by every industry. The Capximize will go a long way in helping in this cause. Also this presentation will help in optimum utilisation of capacities in various areas of the Textile industry.

This event was very successful with the presence of the participation both physically and virtually. There was good interaction between the speaker and participants who asked many questions and the same were promptly answered by the speaker.   

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