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Power-Heat-Set GmbH – A global player in the textile and carpet industry focused on sustainability

The German company Power-Heat-Set GmbH supplies machines and components for carpet yarn treatment to the carpet industry all over the world with. PHS is established as a successful player in the global carpet and textile industry. The name Power-Heat-Set (PHS) stands for over fifty years of field expertise, innovation and service, a guarantee of high quality and efficient production in the field of yarn finishing.

PHS’ machine portfolio currently offers two different machine types, namely GVA and HiPerSet – both of which are available in different sizes. The GVA series offers the best flexibility and high performance for heatsetting carpet yarn with up to 96 ends. The 6 channel configuration, optimised for heatsetting of small lots on different belts, allows the running of different colors of the same yarn or straight set and frieze simultaneously. The HiPerSet uses only one channel to heatset the yarn and up to 84 ends can be processed at the same time. Both the GVA and the HiPerSet use overheated steam under atmospheric pressure for heatsetting.

With the removal of obstructions to airflow, a high volume of climate circulation within the machine is achieved with relatively high compression allowing yarn to be heated quickly and thoroughly to the required heatset temperature. This improved airflow allows shorter dwell times.

Due to its many existing relationships and the growth potential of the textile and carpet industry, the Indian market is of great importance to PHS. Hence, in conjunction with its Indian partner, A.T.E., PHS is giving maximum attention to the individual requirements of established customers and prospective clients.

All of PHS’ equipment is manufactured by highly qualified technicians at its Germany-based headquarters in Töging. A team of technicians and technologists is available worldwide for installations and service. PHS’ Research & Development department continuously works on optimizations to raise the machines to the next level and focuses on bringing improvements to the customer’s production process regarding quality, run ability, productivity, energy saving and handling.

PHS also designs machines and technology so that “sustainable materials” can be produced. The yarn and carpet industry is striving to become “greener” through the introduction of products (yarns) with a high sustainability factor such as “recycled yarns” or yarns made from organic, renewable resources. This is a very important focus for PHS which is working successfully with some of its customers to establish the production of such yarns on PHS’ equipment. No matter whether it’s recycled PET bottles, recycled carpet yarn or yarn made from organic fiber, PHS is trying to fine tune their process to cope with the often very special requirements of the specific material in order to achieve the maximum yarn quality.

These are only some examples of sustainability projects or areas on which and with which Power-Heat-Set is presently working and sustainability will remain a strong focus in the future.

Contact details:Power-Heat-Set GmbH,

Michaela Heinsch

www.power-heat-set.comA.T.E. Enterprises Limited

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