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PRECITEX launched new machineries in ITME 2022

Precitex has tradition and history of making successful front line cots. It has started with age-old cot OG 65 followed by series of cots 63 and 65 A shore cots: XP 63, HP B 65, HP BR 65 each having their unique characteristics.

AE 63

The launch of the new AE 63 at India ITME is yet another feather and now shaping up as THE CROWN in the PRECITEX SOFT COT FAMILY. The speciality of AE63 lies in the selection of unique polymer and its curing system. This has been achieved by persistent working of PRECITEX R & D in coordination with best global polymer and chemical manufacturers.

The AE 63, with hardness as usual at 63 Shore A, has a very high rebound resilience and minimum compression set properties delivering substantially high yarn properties.

At the Precitex ITME booth, it was very well demonstrated that two rubber products with same same shore hardness of 63 Shoe A can have highly differentiating resilience and it is this high resilience in AE 63 which contributes to a superior yarn quality.

The higher resilience/bounce of AE 63 ensures that the cot area under top arm pressure, deforms less and immediately bounces back to its diameter thereby reducing the hysteresis loss and improving the yarn quality. Despite the hardness designed at 63 ShoreA, the abrasion resistance is maintained to give the desired life and the curing system slows the ageing effect retaining the compound properties over the life of the cot. With both the above new generation products, Precitex continues to work on its philosophy of providing an “Enhanced Spinning” experience to the spinning community globally.


Precitex launched a very unique apron at the recently concluded India ITME 2022, the SLX series. Meant specially for the Super Long frames(and hence the name), the future trend, these aprons have a very low coefficient of friction which help the aprons rotate with more ease contributing less towards the high torque required for the longer frames.

The SLX apron is perfect blend of mechanics and the polymer chemistry. It evolves making use of basic concept of apron functionality – uniform feeding of material to the front roll nip.

The critical part to achieving this goal begins with movement of apron wherein the design and the construction of the apron inner layer plays a crucial role. The inner rubbet compound matrix is processed in the direction of the polymer grains which reduces the rolling resistance as apron is set in forward direction. This is enhanced by the placement of reinforced threads in unidirectional with a specified angle, the chemistry of transition elements presents the inner Rubber Polymer Compound and the new chemicals which further reduce the coefficient of friction.

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