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RSWM Alumini Meet


RSWM Ltd., part of LNJ Bhilwara Group, is a leading textile company of India with annual revenue of Rs.4000 crores & more than 60 years old company. Over a period of time lot of employee have left/retired from RSWM. Many of them have become industrialist, corporate leaders or leading business man. Few ex employees of RSWM thought of forming a group of Ex-employees and thus RSWM Alumini Association was born. First meeting of RSWM Alumini Association was held at Mumbai on 31st July 2022.

The meeting started with Group’s corporate prayer. Top industry stalwarts like Shri S. B. Agarwal, Shri Vinod Saraf (Chairman, Vinati Organics Ltd.), Shri J. C. Laddha (Chairman, Sudiva Spinners Pvt. Ltd.) Shri D. P. Mangal (Chairman, Lagnam Spintex Ltd. and Shri Harsh Bapna, President at Wellknown Polyester Ltd., who are all RSWM Alumini attended the event and gave their Blessings and good wishes to the proposed Alumini meeting.

Standing L to R: Deepak Jain , Jitendra Sharma , Sujeet Kumar, Paras Jain, Debashish Poddar, R. N. Maloo, Sanjay Sharma, Shyama Prasad Goswami, Mangesh Jadhav, Manish Tibrewala & Redkar Sitting L to R: Rakesh Goel, D. P. Mangal, J. C. Laddha, M. L. Jhunjhunwala, Harsh Bapna & Shrimali

Mr. V. C. Mehta, senior most employee of RSWM was honored with a floral bouquet. While addressing the Alumini Shri J.C. Laddha & Shri D. P. Mangal narrated their various interactions with the visionary founder of RSWM Shri L. N. Jhunjhunwala and told that Alumini Association of IITs, IIMs and Universities, Colleges and Business Schools are heard of but it was for the first time that an Alumini Association of a Corporate was formed.

Every speaker at the event spoke of high values imbibed from group culture which shaped their careers to become successful industry leaders.

Mr. M. L. Jhunjhunwala, former President, Head of RSWM, Mumbai, explained the purpose of forming the Association. Giving back to Society was one of the main objectives. Besides this helping ex-employees and their family was another objective. Last but not least, helping the retired employees to secure a suitable work to make his life enjoyable was another objective. It was decided at the meet that the Association will be registered as a society as well as Public Trust, and a corpus will be created to fund various objectives. Such an action will create a permanent platform for the Association.

After the formal session was over there was a musical program and the Alumini enjoyed the evening by dancing and singing songs. Shri Riju Jhunjhunwala, CMD RSWM in his message mentioned said that “Great initiative of Shri M. L. Jhunjhunwala is grateful and ready to help towards for whatever way possible”. Such a response from CMD enhanced enthusiasm of all. The meeting ended with a resolve to hold more such meetings and move on the direction of giving back to society.

Mr. M. L. Jhunjhunwala, supported by Mr. P. S. Shrimali and Mr. Manish Tibrewala, played a key role in making the event lively and enjoyable for all.

For more details, please contact:

M. L. Jhunjhunwala – Mob. 9323466172

P. S. Shrimali – Mob.: 9820268210

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