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<strong>Lenzing raises the comfort game with Sustainable TENCEL™ Denim at Denim Trade Shows</strong>

  1. The TENCEL™ Denim fabric range offers ultra-comfortable denims for Indian brand & retailers.

  2. The range is developed with major Indian mill partners.

  3. The range created good buzz at denim trade shows held recently.

The Lenzing Group, world-leading provider of wood based specialty fibers, recently showcased its new range of ultra-comfortable TENCEL™ Denim fabric innovations for Indian market. Lenzing presented the sustainable and comfortable TENCEL™️ Denim collection at Denims & Jeans show in Bengaluru. Adding to the excitement, Lenzing also participated in the Gartex Denim Show held at The Jio Convention Centre in Mumbai earlier, where they further promoted these products.

Lenzing’s sustainable and comfortable TENCEL™️ Denim fabric collection has been developed in collaboration with major Indian denim mills that include Bhaskar Industries, Anubha Industries, KG Denim, Raymond Uco, LNJ Denim and Arvind Limited. The collection caters to the regional fashion sensibilities and requirements of Indian brands and consumers, making it a big hit among the buyers at the trade shows. The need for superior comfortable denims has been on the rise in recent few years. These new products in which TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are blended with regular fibers like cotton and spandex, offer superior comfort in form of softness and breathability to the wearer. These features are of high significance for the kind of climate we have in India, especially in summers and offers comfort in general day to day life. A lot of these innovations were already popular for women’s denim applications and with this collection are now available for men’s denim.

Lenzing concluded successful shows at the Denims & Jeans exhibition in Bengaluru and the Gartex Denim Show, generating good buzz among brands and retailers as they showcased their TENCEL™️ denim advancements. With visitors hailing from India apart from Bangladesh, Turkey, South Korea, and Italy, the events drew considerable attention, and Lenzing’s strong partnership with all prominent participants further elevated the focus of the new offerings.

Apart from showcasing their TENCEL™️ Lyocell fibers, Matte TENCEL™️ Lyocell, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA™️ technology, and other relevant fibers, Lenzing engaged in meaningful discussions with supply chain partners, garment makers, and processors of TENCEL™️ Denim products. The discussions centered on creating value products for the regional markets, with a special focus on sustainability, comfort-driven fashion, and traceability across the supply chain.

Talking about the event and the collection, Avinash Mane – Senior Commercial Director, textiles business for AMEA & NEA at Lenzing said, “Our mission has always been to revolutionize the fashion industry by offering solutions which solve an important problem for and with our industry partners. The denim shows have provided the perfect platform to highlight our recent innovations which offer an ideal combination of comfort, sustainability and are priced competitively. I extend my gratitude to our mill partners, whose unwavering commitment and passion has brought new innovations to life.”

The shows were a testament to Lenzing’s leadership in the denim market, and its commitment to creating value for its customers. With this collection, Lenzing has cemented its position as a go-to fiber partner for the Indian denim industry.

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