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<strong>New Book – “Textile Management – Guideline for Technicians”</strong>

Mr. Arvind Kumar Upadhyay, during his more than four and a half decades of work experience in the international textile Industry in various positions from “Apprentice Supervisor” to “Business Head”, he has realized that a technician is not a complete manager without an understanding of commercial and financial aspects of the business.

It is commonly observed that even after decades of working in the industry. Most of the technician’s remain unaware about essential features of business.

Main topics covered in the book: Basic accounting, budgeting, preparation of projects, sales & marketing, auditing, profit & loss accounts, risk management, import & export, cost saving, case studies and suggestions for Indian textile industries etc.

The objective of this Book is to provide the relevant and useful guidelines about critical business aspects of textile Industries. The author has tried to cover important concepts of business in a brief and simplified yet practical way through examples in the form of reports, formats, & figures related to respective subjects.

Author believes that the book will provide the readers with the necessary basics tools to understand the overall management of a Textile manufacturing company and help technicians to transform themselves as techno commercial managers.

It may not only help to expedite the career development of students, individual technicians and managers working in the industries, but may also contribute towards a strong apparatus for the larger benefits of the Textile Industry as a whole.

Publisher: Wood Head Publishing India, Delhi (Mr. Ravindra Saxena) +91981-104-0727

About the Author: 

Mr. Arvind Kumar Upadhyay has very wide experience and knowledge. He has worked in various reputed Textile Industries on Executive Capacities. He worked as CEO in Uniworth Textile Ltd, Nagpur; President  & COO in Indoworth Textile Limited, Nagpur (A P Lohia Group of Company); President  & COO in Digjam Ltd, Jamnagar (S K Birla Group of Company); President Operations in Reid & Taylor, Mysore; Vice president Manufacturing in OCM  India Ltd, Amritsar; Chief Operating Officer in S. Kumars Nationwide Ltd (SKNL), Dewas; Business Head in Ken Knit Group of Industries, Eldoret (Ex Raymond), Kenya; Business Head in Bhojsons Industries PLC, Lagos, Nigeria; PCH in International Textile Industries, Lagos Nigeria and DGM Production, Sr Manager in Raymond Ltd. Thane.

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