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TAI Higanghat Unit – Mr. A. K. Jain elected as President

The Textile Association (India) – Higanghat Unit established in the year 1980 and now having more than 380 memberships. The Textile Association (India) – Higanghat Unit conducted an election and declared the following Office Bearers for the term 2021-2023, in their Annual General Meeting held on 26-12-2021.


: Mr. A. K. Jain

Vice President

: Mr. Shankar S. Kutte


: Mr. Akosh Akade

Vice Chairman

: Mr. Ravikant

Hon. Secretary

: Mr. Avinash Mehta

Hon. Jt. Secretary

: Mr. Subhash Kodande

Hon. Treasurer

: Mr. B. C. Swarnakar

Also the following Members were elected as Members of the Managing Committee.

K. Dhang, Rakesh Chandarana, Anil Singh, Ramesh Dayma, Hemant Kochar & Nikhil Neralwar

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