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TAI Mumbai organized Webinar on Technical Textiles

The Textile Association (India) – Mumbai Unit in Association with TAI Central organized a virtually webinar on “Technical Textiles – Opportunities & Challenges” on 23-04-2022. Dr. D. S. Nadiger, Chairman PAC – TAI & Vice Chairman, TAI Mumbai Unit was the Moderator of the webinar. Dr. Chandan Chatterjee, Executive Director, ADS Foundation & Dr. Anup Rekshit, Executive Director, Indian Technical Textile Associations (ITTA) were the eminent expert speakers.

Shri. Rajiv Ranjan, President, TAI, Mumbai Unit delivered the welcome address and the set the ball rolling to focus on the theme. Shri. R. K. Vij, President, TAI, Central Office addressed the webinar and deliberated on the importance of the topic of the webinar in the context of the development of the Technical Textiles Sector in India. 

Dr. G. S. Nadiger informed that the Technical Textiles is historically termed as industrial textiles to differentiate with apparel and clothing application. In the context of global demand and high value addition as compared to the classical use of textiles of these technical textiles, several proactive measures have been taken by Govt. of India and Industry. Over last two decades, illustrating the production and supply of personal protective equipment during Covid 19 pandemic as an example of facing challenges by India.

Dr. Anup Rakshit, made a detailed presentation about various categories of technical textiles and their developments globally and in India. Several initiatives taken by the Indian Govt. and a proactive response of Indian Industry were presented. He briefed on the various development of systems for harmonic classification of technical textiles. In addition, he stressed on the PIL scheme of GOI which address the competitiveness with the level playing field globally with right kind of economy of scale of operation. A brought out a very positive note of the growth of technical textiles in India and also listed the challenges for future growth on Technical Textiles including R&D, market development and export promotion were highlighted.

Dr. Chandan Chatterjee described the development of the sector in MSME sector with a focus on niche application in different clusters. In spite of the limitations on the economy of scale of operation, some of the technical textile enterprises have shown exemplary performance in meeting the niche application in various industry applications. 

It was brought by both speakers that the opportunities are plenty in India and Some of the gaps in machineries, high performance raw material etc. are being addressed with various proactive initiatives by Govt. and the Industry. 

Webinar was well organized and was very good on the Technical Textiles. Presentations were very much informative and knowledgably. It was very depth presentation by all the 3 eminent speakers by keeping things in simple, moderated inputs and very much useful points.

At the end, question answers session was witnessed by lively questions and answers. Dr. Nadiger and Dr. Rakshit responded to the queries raised by the students. Overall, Seminar was useful for the industry and the young aspiring technocrats. It was a very hard work initiative and follow up taken by Mr. Haresh B. Parekh and entire team of TAI Mumbai Unit. About 175 participants attended.

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