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TAI representing in various forums for building its an image

Mr. R. K. Vij, President of the Textile Association (India) along with Mr. T. L. Patel, TAI Vice President & Mr. Mahebdrabhai Patel, TAI Hon. Gen. Secretary are representing TAI in various leading Textile forums for scaling new height and building the further TAI image. On the invitations from the various industry organizations they participating in the Ministry of Textiles, State Governments, and CII etc. and discussing on various issues and how to grow ahead the Association.   

  1. On behalf of Textile Association of Central, participated as Co Chair-person and delivered Keynote speech on the Migration of workers after Corona pandemic. Senior official from Niti Udyog, Foreign trade, IOM organised the function at Delhi. The Textile Association (India) supports the Govt. for betterment of Textile workers in India after the COVID Pandemic. (29-04-22).

  2. Members of Polyester Textile Apparel Industry Association (PTAIA) and The Textile Association (India) met with New Chemical Secretary Arti Ahuja Ji and had detailed discussion on Inverted duty, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and short supply of PYA and MEG. She patiently listened to all points and assured to support the Polyester Industry.     

  3. R. K. Vij visited Nagpur and had a meeting with Dr. Hemant Sonare (President of TAI Vidarbha Unit & G. C. Member), who is a active Member of Nagpur Textile Industry regions, had a discussion in length on very important few points like promotional and academic activities of Textiles in all India level. Also discussed on how to involve new Textile Graduates and Textile Companies into the Textile Association (India). Further, it has discussed on how to organize proposed International Textile Conference (WTC -3) to make it a grand success, which is to be held at Ahmadabad during February 2013.  Dr. Hemant Sonare assured to take active part and will work on to increase the Cotton production in Vidarbha cotton belt. He has offered himself to promote these activities at National level.  

  1. On behalf of The Textile Association (India) along with Delhi TAI Unit, Navin Goyal Jiattended the “Enterprise India” Inauguration program at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. Some of the suggestion had given to the Govt. on how to encourage new Young Entrepreneurs to come forward.

  2. A team of the Textile Association (India) consisting Mr. R. K. Vij (President); Mr. T. L. Patel (Vice President; Mr. Ashok D. Patel & Mr. D. I. Patel attended the meetings with State Textile Minister and Industry Minister in Ahmadabad to discuss how to grow the Textiles in India on behalf of whole Textile Industry Segments.      

Such several participating will surely enhance the vision & purpose of Association and the Industry to grow its visibility for scaling new height in making India an ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT.  

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