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UNIT ACTIVITY REPORT – The Textile Association (India) – Ahmedabad Unit

Launching of Souvenir on the Occasion of 75th Years of TAI Ahmedabad Unit

The Textile Association (India) – Ahmedabad Unit entered into 75th year of its inception. The journey so far had been greatly successful with many feathers getting added in to the cap in terms of meaningful conferences, academic activities, interaction with industry and many awards. This would not have been possible without strong support and cooperation of textile technocrats.

Since last two years TAI-Ahmedabad Unit has been campaign to update complete data from its members. Also it has been circulated and announced during the activities of Ahmedabad Unit to its member those will update their membership details & become new member of TAI through Ahmedabad Unit within 31st March 2022 all of them will be given a Silver Coin as memorable one on the occasion of 75th year, TAI-Ahmedabad Unit. textile business.

Before starting the distribution such precious gift to the member of Ahmedabad Unit a launch of distribution of Souvenir program arranged by the Textile Association (India) – Ahmedabad Unit on 15th January 2022 at Dinesh Hall, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

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