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Unit organized the distribution of Oil & Rice to the needy members

Unit Activity

The Textile Association (India)

Ahmadabad Unit

The Textile Association (India) – Ahmadabad Unit established in the year 1948, having more than 4200 strong membership. Unit is always performing various activities for their Unit member & families along with academies. Unit is also helping the region in its difficult situations including pandemic. Unit organized Prize Distribution Function to bright students; Medical checkup & Full body blood tests; Financial Assistance to the needy members and also helped financially to the members who suffered during COVID-19 and lost loved one and facing financial burden after it. TAI Ahmadabad unit organized such several activities and acts as Unit Social Responsibility.

Recently on 05th January, 2022, TAI Ahmadabad Unit organized Oils cans and Rice bags distribution to the needy members at much discounted price.

Mr. Hasmukhbhai S. Patel, President of TAI Ahmadabad Unit took initiative and managed this activity with S/s A. D. Patel, J. H. Patel, R. J. Shah, B. S. Patel, H. V. Trivedi, and Welfare Chairman T. L. Patel, and Hon. Secretary H. C. Shah.

There was very good response and all members highly appreciated the Unit for organizing such programs.

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