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Lenzing inaugurated Second Supply Chain Solutions Hub in Surat

  1. ‘The Lenzing Hub’ will showcase the group’s global innovations for ‘Textile Supply Chain Solutions’ in Surat

  2. Designed for easy access to latest solutions in TENCEL™ lyocell and modal fibers, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fibers as well as carbon-zero TENCEL™ fibers

The Lenzing Group – world market leader in wood based cellulosic fibres, inaugurated its second supply chain solution center – The Lenzing Hub in Surat. The hub will serve as a nerve center for textile manufacturers and traders located in Gujarat and neighboring states, allowing them easy access to Lenzing’s supply chain and product solutions. The initiative will fortify Lenzing Group’s presence within India’s textile capital and link the supply chain and brands looking to adapt sustainable fibers that are need of the hour.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. S. Jayaraman, Senior Commercial Director, Asia Middle East Africa & North East Asia, Lenzing Group said, “Lenzing Group is pleased to strengthen its presence in India and Gujarat was a natural choice for opening our second ‘Lenzing Hub’. India being the world’s second largest textile manufacturing country, Gujarat contributes a lion’s share to country’s textile sector. The state is a leader in denims with 56% share and accounts for 38% of manmade filament fabric production. Our products are trusted for their comfort and aesthetics, and we want to bring our pioneering technology in sustainability, innovation, and excellence closer to our long-standing customers. As global pioneers in sustainable fashion practices, our Surat hub marks an important milestone in the Indian market, as we work to build direct connections and create an incredible demand from this region.”

Located in Udhana Darwaza of Surat, the hub is spread across 850 sq. feet and is equipped with a team of commercial and technical experts. The hub will display Lenzing Group’s specialty fibers solutions, it will house the products and innovations created using TENCELTM branded lyocell and modal fibers, LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM specialty viscose fibers and carbon-zero TENCELTM branded fibers to attract both buyers and supply chain experts. The hub would also display product samples that have been made in collaboration with top designers and brands across India and the globe, seen at key fashion events, on a regular basis. This platform will bring forward global innovation capabilities to help to build on Lenzing’s ongoing conversation on sustainable fashion in the Indian Textile industry. Additionally, the hub would cater as information and support center for textile suppliers, garment makers, designers and traders to enable quick solutions. The hub will play a pivotal role in offering cost effective supply chain solutions for yarns in coordination with Lenzing’s spinning partner mills as well as technical guidelines and solutions creating value added fabrics & end products. Further, creative and innovative fabric mills widen their presence through having their fabrics promoted on to Global Platforms using Lenzing’s worldwide network.

The last couple of years have made it imperative for brands to evaluate the impact their business practices and offerings have on the environment. More and more brands are integrating Environmental and Social Governance practices in their portfolio to create long-term advantages.

The Indian fashion industry too is embracing sustainability and responding to consumer’s asked for greater transparency. The Lenzing Hub in Surat intends to build on the growing needs and requirements put forth before by the consumers and encourage sector players in the region to embrace global solutions and innovations in sustainability and reduce their own carbon-footprint.

With a presence of over two-decades in the Indian market, Lenzing has taken the lead in empowering India’s textile industry across the textile value chain to adopt more eco-friendly practices with the introduction of its flagship textile brand TENCELTM. Lenzing opened the New Year with celebrations around three decades of sustainable fiber innovation by its flagship textile brand, TENCEL™. Over the last 30 years, TENCEL™ brand has empowered companies across the textile value chain to adopt more eco-friendly practices. In India, Lenzing has evolved from one-product brand into a growing-basket of offerings as consumers demand for sustainable fashion products continue to grow.

This success is reflected in collaborations with ace designers such as Satya Paul, Ritu Kumar, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Anita Dongre, and Abraham & Thakore to leading brands such as AND, Global Desi, Myntra, Marks & Spencers, H&M and Levi’s, to name a few. Lenzing today is present across all major apparel categories in India such as ethnic wear, intimate wear, general outerwear, denims and home furnishings.

Besides flagship fibre brand – TENCEL™ and sustainable viscose fibre brand- LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM, Lenzing Group also offers specialty fiber in the nonwoven category – VEOCELTM fibers and LENZINGTM Industrial fiber solutions diversifying the reach among the beauty and industrial application segments.

Lenzing had opened its first ‘The Lenzing Hub’ in Mumbai in 2020 which is successfully catering to the business needs over there.

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