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Speed PLUS variety in elastane processing

KARL MAYER’s new HKS 2-SE PLUS opens up new application possibilities with its additional range of lapping options

Simple, lightweight, plain fabrics with elasticity have become indispensable in the underwear and sportswear sector. KARL MAYER’s two-bar, high-performance tricot machines have long set the standard in terms of quality and productivity.

The portfolio of the established machines has so far included the HKS 2-SE – a high-speed model designed exclusively for the production of elastic articles using locknit and double tricot lapping – and the HKS 2-S, which offers greater flexibility in terms of yarns and lapping options, with lower production speeds.

The manufacturing repertoire also includes qualities with two-needle-overlap, and non-elastic fabrics such as embroidery grounds and tulle are also possible.

In order to combine both product variety and speed, KARL MAYER has now added another machine to its range of elastane-processing machines – the HKS 2-SE PLUS. This builds on the proven basic concept of the HKS 2-SE and, thanks to a modified knitting motion, can be used for both elastic locknit and double tricot, as well as two-needle overlap.

The two needles overlap is carried out by the GB 2 ground guide bar, which processes elastane. This results in fabrics with a higher modulus, making swimwear, sportswear and shaping corsets just as much a part of the HKS 2-SE PLUS range as fine lingerie qualities. In terms of speed, the new machine is almost in the same performance range as the HKS 2-SE, and it achieves higher production speeds than the HKS 2-S.

Just like the HKS 2-SE, the PLUS variant is offered in gauges E 32, E 36 and E 40. The available stitch density is also the same. The working width is 130″, and can be extended by 4″. With its special focus, the new HKS 2-SE PLUS is a high-performance all-rounder that puts KARL MAYER’s elastic customers one step ahead in their respective markets.

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