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<strong>Liva partnered with Miss Universe 2023</strong>

Liva partnered with Miss Universe 2023 as the official fabric sponsor; participants wore Liva capes in the swimsuit round

Aditya Birla Group’s fabric brand Liva partnered with the 71st Miss Universe, held at New Orleans, US, as the official fabric sponsor. This year, LIVA personalized the delegate’s fashion with its fabric, the way they want to design and express. In this new element of the competition, all the 90 delegates across the world wore LIVA capes during the swimwear round in the competition.

This is the first time in the history of Miss Universe that capes were introduced in the contest, with the countries’ have freedom to design them basis their creative sensibilities.

“We are proud to be a part of a global event and represent a fabric made in India on an international platform. We are elated and excited to see our fluid fabric being draped around the most beautiful women at such a prestigious pageant”, says Sree Charan, Vice President, Head of Branding.

This collaboration echoed out the need of circular and sustainable fashion, and also about strengthening awareness around fluid fashion like Liva, that embodies the message of “LiveYourFlow”, at the most prestigious pageant of the world.

“The Miss Universe Organization is thrilled to have LIVA Fluid Fashion join us as the official fabric sponsor for the 71st MISS UNIVERSE® Competition. Our delegates from around the globe are elated to wear these beautiful fabrics for the swimwear round, during which they will don capes hand designed by artisans from their home countries as a method of self-expression. The LIVA fabrics will serve as a blank canvas coverup, which will be used to ultimately spread awareness about the delegate’s culture or issues that are present in their home countries,” said Amy Emmerich, the CEO of Miss Universe Organization.

Liva Miss Diva who represented India at the competition, Divita Rai donned her Liva outfit as well, placing herself in top 16 finalists amongst other delegates. Miss USA, R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned as the new Miss Universe 2022 by her predecessor, Miss Universe 2021, Harnaaz Sandhu from India.

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