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TAI Webinar

SVITT: TEXCON - 2021: VALEDICTORY SESSION (18 & 19-02-2021)

SVITT: TEXCON - 2021: INAUGURAL SESSION (18 & 19-02-2021)

ITJ: Reinvigorating Indian Textile Industry to be a Global Hub (17-02-2021)

TAI (MUB): Will Year 2021: Be a Game Changer for the Textile Industry? (06-02-2021)

Indian Apparel and Textile Conference - Day 2 (31-01-2021)

India Apparel and Textile Conference - Day 1 (30-01-2021)

TAI (SIU): Smart Solution in Spinning - Gain insights into Innovations (12-01-2021)

NISTTHA Global Virtual Industry Cluster – Kerala (31-10-2020)

TAI (SIU): Enhancing Profitability with Solar Energy (18-12-2020)

TAI (RAJ/MLVTE): LEAN Concept – To Improve Productivity (26-09-2020)

TAI (SIU): USTER QUANTUM 3 – The Process optimization tool to clear and prevent defects (22-09-2020)

The Policy Times / Republic Vietnam: Promoting Vietnam-India Business Relations in Textile and Healthcare (PPEs, Medical Devices, Pharma) (10-09-2020)

TAI (AHD): Role of Cloud Based Remote Technology in Textile Manufacturing Industry (05-09-2020)

TAI (SIU): Impact of Modern Clearers in Pursuits of Manufacturing Excellence (28-08-2020)

TAI (MUB): Efficient Steam Systems (28-08-2020)

TAI: Faceless Assessment, Apparel and Taxpayer’s Charter (26-08-2020)

TAI (RAJ/MLVTE): Industry 4.0 – Approach towards Smart Factory Operations (29-07-2020)

TAI (SIU): Lean HR Systems for Textile Industries (28-07-2020)

TAI (AHD): Energy Management (25-07-2020)

TAI (SVITT): Circular Apparel and Textile – A Strategy for Better Preparedness (20-07-2020)

TAI (SGU): Surat Textiles – PostCovid-19 Situation (11-07-2020)

TAI (AHD): Textile Business in Post Covid Era-A Paradigm Shift (27-06-2020)

TAI (Edelweiss): Forex Risk Management for Textile Industry (26-06-2020)

TAI (SIU): Correlation between Cotton Parameters and Yarn Parameters (06-06-2020)

TAI (Mumbai Unit): How can Indian Textile Industry Reboot its Business and Encash upon Global Opportunity? (05-06-2020)

TAI: Impact of Reverse Migration of Workers on Textile Industry & Way Forward (15-05-2020)


TAI: Digital Transformation of Industrial Sales & service for the textile fraternity in the post COVID-19

TAI/ITJ): Reweaving the success story of the textile industry amid COVID 19 (28-04-2020)